About Us

CHOIS TECHNICS CORP. is dedicated to providing the best quality and the most cost efficient solution to every customer’s needs based on many years of experience in both technology and business. We have been providing effective and efficient solutions to much complicated problems that many of our customers often face in their selection of components. We have been consulting with expertise in solving prevalent technological issues in Defense Industry, including flexibility, lifetime, Electromagnetic Wave Interference, Signal Loss, Temperature, Space and Weight issues.

We participate in a number of projects in various business areas such as Precision Testing and Measurement, Medical Electronics, Motor Vehicle Electronics, Wireless Communication Devices, Advanced Robotics, Semi-conductor cables, and Cable Harnessing.

CHOIS TECHNICS CORP. is a cable harness and tech consulting company that provides the best solution for every customer’s needs through discovering various components from around the world, assisting in customization, and providing the necessary cable harness with smooth customer service.

  • Defense (Weapons development) and Aerospace (Satlite) Industry
  • Wireless Communication Devices and Machines Industry
  • Medical Electronics and Equipments Industry
  • Various Testing and Experiment Equipment Industry
  • Measurement and Precision Equipment Industry
  • Laptop and Portable Electronics Devices Industry
  • Vehicle Components and Vehicle Manufacturing Industry
  • Steel Manufacturing Industry
  • Advanced Robotics and Industrial Control Systems
  • Semi-conductors and Electronics Manufacturing Industry